Newly Confirmed Dog Genetics Paves a Path for the Future of Human Anxiety Research

research pug

Nowadays, there are so many advancements thanks to science and dedicated researchers, but with the help of animals, there are many ways that human diseases and conditions can be better understood!

The latest findings have gotten many people excited about how we can better understand fear and anxiety in adults! That's right!

Doggies were studied and after lots of research, scientists have found a connection to anxiety in humans! This is huge considering there is always more research that can be done on mental health issues and make more people aware of them.

This research can mean that many individuals who suffer from anxiety can better understand their condition and find better ways to treat it. All thanks to these doggies! WOW!

Read all about the latest experiments and findings of genetic anxiety in dogs and how it relates to humans on the next page!

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