This Woman Chose a Career Centered Around Dogs, and She’s Never Looked Back – So Touching!

pug in a field

If you think you can't create a career that you love surrounding dogs, think again. Jenny Karlsson is a pet photographer who lives in Pittsburgh, and she worked hard so that her dreams could come true. It didn't happen overnight. In fact, Jenny didn't even think it was possible until she got out of the lab, got a business coach and broadened her horizons. And together Jenny and her husband saved up money so she could make her photography passion into a full-time career.

Today Jenny is a pet photographer who loves life and photographing dogs, cats, and bunnies. When she's not in the lab, she's shooting Labradors! 😉 She admits that this would not have happened if not for her staying dedicated to becoming a photographer. Luckily she offers some pretty amazing tips on how to start a career in the pet sector, whether it means becoming a photographer, groomer, or pet sitter!

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