(Video) Golden Retriever Puppy Gives Us Serious Feels When He Suddenly Rescues a Drowning Baby Deer

dog rescuing baby deer

Our dogs never cease to amaze us each and every day. Whether they're learning a trick, finding new ways to get into trouble or simply showering us with kisses, they are our furry angels.

We've all heard incredible stories of dogs taking their love to the next level by helping a human or another creature. It seems like it's their natural instinct to come to the aid of those in need. They are the ultimate good samaritans!

This Golden Retriever has one astonishing accomplishment he can add to his resume: saving the life of a drowning fawn. Just being able to watch him bring the baby deer to safety was not only unbelievable but inspiring as well.

After the break, watch how a Golden Retriever pup was able to carefully rescue a drowning fawn! The story will warm your heart, especially after seeing what happens at 0:46!

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