(Video) Just a Small Amount of THIS Poison Can Kill a Dog, and it’s Found in Many Homes


E-cigs or vaping is a grand new trend and much healthier than smoking regular cigarettes but may be doing your pets a great deal of harm. If this does not relate to you then you might at least let a vaping friend know the dangers!

We do get it. You’ve been a cigarette smoker for most of your life and are now trying to do something good for yourself. It’s baby steps and e-cigarettes are said to be a gateway to a none-cigarette lifestyle.

Indeed, experts out of England say vaping is far more safe than actual cigarette smoking, which causes millions of death a year.

Yet, should those vaping chemicals that come with an e-cig be ingested by Rover, you might think twice about it. If you have to vape then please keep your chemicals far and away from your pets!

Your fur-friends thank you!

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