What Causes a Dog Seizure and How to Treat Them

sick dog

A seizure, as experienced by your dog, is a frightening thing. You may not have a clue what is happening, might even think your poor pooch is dying! But then, a bit later, after the chaos of convulsions, a stiffening body, and defecation, Fido might just get up and walk away as if nothing happened!

The firestorm in Fido’s brain, the grand mal seizure, has gone away and while he might be a little frightened he may also have no idea what that was or even care! Some doctors believe that animals have memory loss after a seizure and that may be the reason they seem confused but otherwise feel fine!

But is there anything we can do other than sit by and watch it happen? Years ago vets really had no clue but as research has continued, the more we learn, the more we can do when our pooch begins to seize.

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