When a Pet Parent Buys Select Pet Food, Are They Being “Pet Fooled”?


When we adopt a puppy or even a full-grown dog we do so thinking we are going to take care of him or her and feed them the best dog food our money can buy. We can always tell by the gleam in their eyes and the gloss to their coats that they are eating well.

Unfortunately, that may not always be true. Some of us feed our best friends what we think are nutritionally sound foods. They cost enough but that expensive brand-name dog food is worth it as long as Fido is benefitting. But is he really?

When push comes to shove, you may find yourself shocked by how some major dog food companies refuse to stand behind their brand of dog food.

Even though some dog foods and treats have been proven to make dogs ill, or in the case of some jerky treats deaths have been reported, the companies behind them decline to admit there is a problem!

After the break go to the next page and read up on a crusader who, through a documentary called “Pet Fooled,” attempts to open our eyes to the fact that some dog food companies may be swindling pet owners.

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