10 Common Fruits and Vegetables That Can Hurt or Kill Your Dog – BEWARE!

Beware: 10 common fruits & veggies that could kill your dog


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#4 Cherries

Cherries are a healthy treat for humans but are they safe for dogs?

They're not an ideal food for a dog and even a few may cause upset stomach or diarrhea in dogs, so you're better off  giving your pup treats that offer no risk at all, but what if your dog wolfs down a bunch of whole cherries when you're not looking?

Why It Can Be Bad For Dogs:

Besides diarrhea and upset stomach, too many whole cherries at once may also make a dog vomit, since their digestive system won't know what to do with the pits and stems. What's more, the pits and stems can cause a dangerous blockage. If your dog's straining to go to the bathroom, but nothing's coming out it's a sign of a more substantial problem than just upset tummy.

What to do:

Stomach upset from one or two cherries may pass on its own, but if the unfortunate dog suffers a digestive blockage, you may need to make a visit to the vet or animal hospital. They'll be able to offer appropriate help and advice.

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