(Video) A Boxer’s Reaction When Dad Picks Him Up From the Vet’s Office is Seriously PRICELESS!


We know how it is. You need to get the dog to the vet for inoculations but you also have little Timmy’s baseball game to go to. The wait at the vet is going to be far too long but the kindly vet’s assistant tells you not to worry. They’ll just give him the shots then keep your fur-baby in a room until you can come back and pick him up. Wow, what a convenience (!), you think.

It may be good for you, the kids, and even the vet’s office. Unfortunately, there is one member of the family who is not at all pleased. The only thing he sees is that his Mommy and Daddy left him in the hands of “those people” then abandoned him for the day! Oh dear.

After the break, go over to the next page and look at a boxer who, without so much as a bark or snort, tells us all exactly how he feels when Dad picks him up at the vet’s office!

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