Are a Dog’s Tick Meds Really Toxic? Let’s Find Out:

Yorkie with a ball

A dog's tick meds may be doing more harm than good, what we found out will leave everyone shocked!

All dog owners know that dogs like to run around outside and play. Many of us even spend tons of time outside with our dogs running with them, playing catch, or just going with them when they explore.

Since our dogs love to be outdoors, this is one reason why it is so important to have tick medicine for them so they can avoid many tick related issues that may make them sick.

However, if you have been giving your dog tick medicine for a while and now they seem to be getting sick more often, have more health problems than they did before and just don't seem like themselves, those tick meds may be to blame.

When we found out what tick meds may be doing to our beloved pets, we were outraged! Once you know about this, you may want to consider other methods instead.

To find out what modern tick meds can do to your pet and what to consider using instead, please head on over to the next page.

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