Your Dog’s Body Language Says a Lot About Him — Learn More About Your Pooch’s Communication Style HERE

French Bulldog walking

Dogs may not communicate exactly how humans do, but they definitely communicate with us on a daily basis. Just look into your pooch's eyes and you'll be able to tell if he's happy to see you or is feeling sad and lonely. If your dog is feeling nervous or wants to be left alone when you're trying to shower him with kisses he may turn away from you or start yawning excessively.

Has your pooch ever held his tail very stiff? This means he's alert and is trying to listen and figure out what is going on around him. An alarming noise might have caught his attention and he wants to check it out.

Of course, an obvious form of communication is when your doggy is feeling threatened, he will pull back his lips and show his dog teeth. Fido will bare his teeth especially if another dog seems threatening or your pooch is scared.

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