Dog-Friendly Diners and Drivethroughs

When you go to your favorite fast food place, don't you wish your pooch could have a taste of this deliciousness you're experiencing too?! He actually can at many places. It turns out many diners and drive-throughs have a “secret dog menu” if you happen to ask them. For example, In-N-Out offers a puppy patty, and Dairy Queen offers what they call a pup cup.

Now you don't have to worry about sharing your goods with the pup because he can have his very own snack! It's pretty smart of businesses to have a secret menu for doggies too. They must know the way to a dog's heart, aka food!

Check out more restaurants and fast food joints that know how to spoil doggies rotten after the break.

Via Squirkee Chubs the Frenchie

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