(Video) Watch How a Small Frenchie Throws the Most Adorable Temper Tantrum!


The temper tantrum this Frenchie has is just way too precious!

When our dogs are upset, they definitely aren't afraid to let us know. They may bark, they may whine, they may howl or like this baby Frenchie they could have a temper tantrum.

Temper tantrums are usually not something you want to hear but when this Frenchie has one it is simply an overload of cuteness.

What happens on the video will make your heart melt instantly. It will be completely impossible not to smile and say “Aww!”

You'll just wish you could pick it up and give it a big squeeze to make everything all better. If it doesn't make your day, nothing will. Temper tantrums as we know them may never be the same again!

To watch how this Frenchie throws a temper tantrum, please head on over to the next page to see how it all goes down. 

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