If a Dog is Itching a Lot Something More Serious Could be Going On


Now that the warmer weather is here we’ve noticed our pooch is scratching a lot more than he did over Winter or Spring. At first, we thought it was fleas and wanted to get it nipped in the bud ASAP.

We got the sprays and drops but when he continued to scratch and chew out his fur we decided it was time to contact our vet.

He suggested a few things that seemed to help but never really did all they should. Max was probably having an allergy to something and we just could not pin point it.

Then we read up on other pups that seemed to be having the same problem and were surprised to find it could be mange. Mange?! Isn’t that what those poor half starving animals you see in movies get when they are neglected? Max was hardly that!

But the more we read the more sense it made. Go over to the next page and read about the possibility of your dog contracting mange and what you can do to cure him!

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