(Video) This Epic Battle of a Pug vs. Sheep is Unlike Anything I’ve Ever Witnessed!

Pug and sheep

When you put 2 different types of animals in the same space, you're guaranteed to get unique entertainment. It's already cute to watch those animals figure out one another, but the adorableness is taken up a notch when both parties are cuddly. Chances are, these animals will probably even try to adorably size up one another.

For example, if I told you there was 1 pug up against an entire flock of sheep, how do you think the battle of fluff would end? You'd put your bet on the sheep army, right? However, you might want to make that decision carefully.

Those alien-like eyes, smooshed face and curly tail of the pug are not to be underestimated as a shock effect on the opponent. The pug caught his opponents off guard and you have to see what happens!

Continue on to the next page to watch the cutest battle unfold as a single pug bravely goes where no pug has dared to go before! This pug might be your new hero!


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