The Surprising Side Effects of Anti-Anxiety Medications on Dogs

sad french bulldog

Just like humans, some doggies suffer from mental disorders. Some of these disorders are treated with medications prescribed by vets.

Dogs commonly suffer from compulsive disorders or anxiety, and there are a lot of medicines out there that really help. Yes! That's right; they are treated just like humans are.

However, certain medications have some side effects. You'd be surprised to learn what effects can be produced from a medicine that is meant to calm and sedate a pooch.

If your pooch has severe anxiety, you may have to weigh the side effects with whether it's really helping your dog. Just like with humans, if a dog is suffering sometimes anti-anxiety medication can still assist them despite the side effects.

Luckily there are many ways to find out if your pooch suffers from any side effect. The sooner it's treated, the more comfortable he will feel.

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