Twelve Pug Puppies That Should Be Illegal

pug puppy by flowers

If you own a Pug puppy or are thinking of getting one, you should know how much trouble they can be.

In fact, these adorable bundles of doggy joy LOVE to wreak mayhem wherever they go. LOL, you know this to be true if you've found a pair of chewed up shoes on the floor, accidentally stepped in doggy doo (yep, it happens) and had had to deal with your precious pup eating a bunch of grass and then promptly throwing it up — on your bed.

Yep, that's a Pug puppy for you. 

Pug puppies tend to be just a tad more energetic than other dog breeds, just because they thrive on attention. They're the life of the party already at 3-months-old, which means at that young age you can expect double the theatrics. A Pug puppy will definitely keep you busy, but don't worry, he's worth it!

Well, you may not be so sure when you have to get up five times during the night to take your pup out for potty! LOL!

Get ready to meet some adorable Pug puppies who know they're cute, but there is a slight problem. They're in SO much trouble a few of them are being charged with five counts of falling asleep on on their human brother's homework and then tearing it to shreds! Oh no!

Let's see what some of these other Pug puppies are being charged with…

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