There’s a New Study on Dog Reward Responses, and What They Discovered is Incredible…

girl with dog

Many of us assume that giving our dogs treats is the way to get them to do — or not do — specific things. If we want to train them to sit, for example, the most effective way is to give them a treat every time they get it right. And many times this is the case. After all, most dogs are indeed foodies! However, a new study has us rethinking not just how our dogs feel about food, but even more importantly, how they feel about us!

That's because a new study published in the journal Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience suggests that while dogs really (and we mean really!) like their treats, there's something they might like even better: praise from their human companions. Awww!

This fascinating new study just proves how important the bond between dogs and their humans really is. Plus, it may completely change the way we train our dogs!

To learn about this amazing new study and what it says about the relationship between dogs and their owners, please continue to the next page for all the details.

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