(Video) Thieves Break a Window to Steal, But Then Accidentally Save a Dog Left in a Hot Car

dog car

We're always hearing stories about owners that leave their precious pooches in hot cars for long periods of time. It's cruel and very irresponsible!

Cars can reach extremely high temperatures even if you leave your pooch for five minutes! So in this story, one doggy almost lost his life but surprisingly, thanks to some thieves, his life was saved!

There's a lot to this story that you need to know about! It will completely amaze you! If you didn't believe in luck and karma, then this story will definitely change your mind.

Take this story into consideration next time you even consider leaving your doggy in your car on a hot day!

Watch the video to see how some unsuspecting thieves accidentally save this dog's life after smashing a car window on the next page!

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