(Video) This Pug is Ready to Go Inside. How She Tells Mom? Gotta Love Pug Antics!

pug outside wants back inside

Most doggies love going outdoors. They get to sniff and play and even look and see what's going on outside!

Well, usually when a doggie wants back indoors they make it pretty loud and clear. They may scratch at the screen door or even bark to make it known. Each dog has their own way of letting their owner know it's time for them to go back inside!

In particular, the Pug on the video on the next page does something hilarious to let her know she wants back inside. When you see how she tells her Mom that she's done sniffing and wants back inside you'll definitely laugh!

It's unclear whether this Pug cutie was let outside to go potty or just to sniff, but it's apparent that she's over the deck and wants to come back indoors. So will she finally be let back inside? You can find out by watching this hilarious video!

Watch how one determined pup tells her Mom loud and clear that she's more than ready to go back indoors on the video after the break!

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