(Video) This Man Tries to Walk 8 Pugs. What Happens? Who’s Walking Whom?! LOL!

8 pugs

Is he out of his mind? Who walks so many doggies at one time? Until you have tried to walk more than one unpredictable pooch you probably should not laugh at those who decide to take on the challenge!

On the other hand, why would he take on the challenge? Perhaps he’s a busy man and only had a half hour to walk these eight (8) rambunctious pugs. Still, we have to ask the question… Where did he get eight pugs to walk?!

We suppose it really does not matter. The fun is ibn watching him take on his task and realizing the pugs seem to be walking him rather than the other way around!

After the break, check out a funny video and watch this comical video of a dog walker who obviously took on a bit more than he was prepared for!

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