(VIDEO) This Doggie is Watching The Westminster Dog Show. Now Listen to the Outrageous Sounds He Makes!

dog show

Nothing brings more joy to some dogs than a good television show. For having such small attention spans, there are some pups that enjoy plopping down in front of the TV! Then there are others who love to bark at the television — you just never know what their reaction will be! LOL!

Take this eager pooch for example. He absolutely loves to watch television. His favorite show? The Westminster Dog Show of course! LOL! You need to see how attentive he is when he sees his favorite doggy go up to compete!

The sounds he makes while he's watching this doggy competition are priceless. This pooch is a huge fan of the dog show! Perhaps he dreams of competing one day! Now that would be pretty fun for him! LOL!

Watch this adorable doggy sit down and watch his favorite dog show on television on this priceless video on the next page!

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