(VIDEO) Pug Decides to Have a Duet With His Toy and it’s the Funniest Thing! Be Prepared to Laugh!

pug sing

You really have to prepare yourself for this video! LOL! We promise that you're going to be having a huge laugh attack after you see this!

A human and a playful Pug are playing with his favorite toy, and suddenly, hilarity ensues! When at the Pug decides that he wants to sing a duet with his toy, you won't believe the results! LOL!

The sounds that the Pug and his toy make are so funny! It's so hard to hold in the laughter! Trust me; you'll be a fan of this singing pair once you hear them together. So cute!

Watch what happens when a Pug decides to sing a duet with his favorite squeak toy on the next page.

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