(VIDEO) These Pugs Love to Kiss and Play. Now Watch Their Adorable Moments Unfold!

Kissing Pugs

When two BFFs get together, there is no telling what will happen. They might gossip, eat and drink together, and there is also a deep possibility that they will play!

What is good for humans is also great for a dog. Oh, they might not talk in a conventional way but you know they are sending signals to each other. Who is wearing the most stylish collar?!

“What is the scent of that dog-soap your master washed you in?”

“Are you using a new brand of doggy toothpaste? It’s marvelous!”

And finally, the play begins! It’s just what yuppy dogs do! LOL!

Watch the two Pugs on the next page. They are in love – look at all the kissing – and they are also best friends forever who love to joke about and play!

Nothing like an active BFF to keep you healthy, happy and energetic!

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