(VIDEO) With These Mighty Avenger Pugs, Just About ANYTHING is Possible…

Super Hero Pug

When the world finds itself in chaos, when forces out of this biosphere threaten the innocent people of planet Earth, who can we call?

Batman? Superman? Pish posh! We need … the mighty Avengers!

That’s right when one hero is not enough we need… more.

And by that we mean – Pugs!

They are brave, wise, mysterious, and fight for the good of all mankind! And did we tell you they are pugs?!

Look at those outfits. Who else but really super stupendous and pretty darn awesome heroes wear clothes like that! But hey, what’s with the hands Hulk? Never mind. They are all heroes… and pretty adorable too!

Go over to the next page and see a short video celebrating these brave pups. Oh, and just like with the Marvel movies – you want to stick around for the very end!

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