(Video) Corgi Loves His Mealtime, Now Witness His “Happy Dance” That Has Everyone Grinning From Ear to Ear

I think every living being looks forward to mealtime. We get to satisfy our tummies and get the energy we need for the rest of our day. It also doesn't hurt that it's usually super delicious!

Our dogs are proof that mealtime is a happy time. Each dog has their own food routine. They might bark, whine, run into the kitchen or scratch at your leg.

My dog, in particular, reminds me about his meals about 30 minutes before he's supposed to eat, then 20 minutes, then 10 minutes and so on. He's like a furry, little alarm clock! I never have to worry about accidentally forgetting his mealtime.

This Corgi has one of the cutest and most unique food routines around! He celebrates each and every meal with the most adorable dance! You'll love how energetic and excited he is about kibble.

After the break, watch how a Corgi conveys his love for kibble! His “happy dance” starting at 0:09 will instantly brighten your day!

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