When a Puppy Was Left in a Hot Car During a Game, These Royals Fans Saved This Puppy’s Life…

puppy rescued at royals game

Now that summer time is here, there are lots of stories in the news about small children and animals being left inside hot cars. For some reason, people think indoor car temperatures don't get dangerously high and decide to leave their pets inside a car.

Sometimes, it can be devastating for a helpless animal and they don't survive the scorching heat of a car. It's devastating to think about the consequences of these thoughtless owners, but luckily there are good Samaritans that often come to the rescue.

One lucky pup gets his life saved by a few baseball fans during a Royals game. When you see how these fans saved a young pup's life from being trapped in a car on a hot day, you will be glad that the pup survived!

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