(VIDEO) Tiny Baby Frenchie is SO Cute! She Will Make You Smile All Day Long!

Baby Frenchie

We love babies of all kinds! Whether they be humans, kittens, doggies or even a raccoon, babies of any variety are adorable. Having said this, you may be thinking, “Oh not another baby puppy video!!” but this one really is too sweet to ignore.

We have a tiny French bulldog for you that is as rambunctious as she is cute – a puppy that is all over the place and she looks only weeks old! She already knows to throw herself on that cute little back in order to get the most cherished of belly rubs and play? Yes, this puppy plays and just loves being the center of attention!

So please, go to the next page and do yourself a favor. Watch this sweet baby girl puppy do her thing on this adorable video.

And, if you have kids around, make sure they watch too. Hmm, on the other hand maybe not. If they see this Frenchie puppy they will be begging you to adopt one!

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