10 Signs a Dog is in Pain and is Unintentionally Hiding it From Their Owner


We noticed Max was slowing down and it occurred to us that he was getting older. It was bound to happen.

Still, it was a little disconcerting when we would call to him, telling him it was time for s walk, and he simply didn’t seem to care. He was not overly enthusiastic although he slowly came to us.

Something just did not seem right and we began to wonder if he had done something wrong and was afraid we would find out. Honestly, this would not be the first time for that “guilty look.”

But then, after the walk, he crawled into his corner and laid down to sleep. Eventually, into the evening, poor Max vomited and we realized he had eaten something he should not have.

We won’t say what it was that he ate but it was pretty disgusting. Soon after, Max was his old chipper self but the idea that he could not communicate with us about his illness stayed on our minds.

It is at times like this that we really wish a pooch could talk!

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