(Video) GoPro Captures a Dog’s Activities While the Owners Are Away and I Didn’t Expect THIS to Happen…

Go Pro Dog

Have you ever wondered, when you are away from the house or apartment, what your dog is doing while you are at the job or shopping? We tend to hope they are sleeping or playing with their toys, relaxing and having gentle fun.

Yet often, we wonder if they are not sadly lamenting their solitude. Perhaps our pups are even having an anxiety attack and we are not there to sooth their precious nerves! Poor babies! We just know they are missing Momma and Daddy as much as we miss them!

Now, thanks to modern technology that guess work is now at an end!

A GoPro Fetch was strapped onto a pampered and much loved Golden Retriever to see what she does when alone. It is a sweet and interesting journey.

See for yourself by watching the video as to what this curious dog gets herself into when she's home alone!

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