10 Surprising Things That Could Harm a Pooch During the Holidays


Admittedly, during the holidays we get distracted. We put up our tree and all those pretty decorations, cook for days and hide presents from the kids. We try to be kind to our furry friends, even tossing them a snack or two to keep your canine companions content.

However, what we are thinking of as a kindness could be very dangerous to our pets. Not just the treats but everything surrounding the holidays, the very uniqueness of Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and all the other celebrations may be a feast for the eyes and senses of your pooch – but not all in a good way!

After the break, take a look on the next page and read the ten surprising things that could harm a pooch during the holidays!

It is an eye opener and you may unknowingly find yourself guilty of putting your precious pooch in jeopardy!

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