15 Revealing Reasons Why Pugs are Not the Friendly Doggies Everyone Thinks They Are

happy pug

If you've ever made eye contact with a pug either in person or from a picture, then you've probably felt your heart begin to immediately melt. You can't seem to hold back a smile or the “awws” either. No matter how hard you try, you can't help it. What kind of black magic capabilities do these dogs possess?

Their large, bug-like eyes and smooshed faces make them seem like aliens in disguise. Maybe that's how they have the ability to make you instantly fall in love with them! They have some sort of special powers that humans don't.

They're here to mesmerize us and take control of our minds so that they can overpower us. They clearly aren't the affectionate furballs that they portray themselves to be. So, we must stay informed!

Wait until you read number 7. Even if you're brave enough to interact with a pug, you'll notice they're grumpy! Their adorable faces are clearly a trap to lure us toward them so that they can work their magic on us.

After the break, see 15 reasons why pugs aren't the friendly and loving doggies we think they are! 


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