11 Things People Do That Dogs Hate

pug yawn

If you're like most, you have everyday annoyances that drive you bonkers. You know when your significant other puts the toilet paper on the toilet paper holder upside down? Yeah, that annoyance. 

In the same way, dogs have annoyances too that are actually caused by us! The only problem is that most dogs have a hard time conveying they're annoyed and in some cases this causes they to lash out. In a Pug's case, you may find your Pug screaming and letting you know he's annoyed! LOL!

Many breeds, however, aren't always sure how to let Mom or Dad know that they're annoyed. Wouldn't that drive you nuts if you couldn't tell your person to pick their clothes off from the floor?!

That's why it's up to us as dog owners to learn the in's and out's of doggy communication. Sure, it may be verbal, but there are plenty of non-verbal cues that you need to tune into as well.

Even if you think you know everything there is to know about your pooch, I guarantee there is still more to learn. In fact, I learned quite a few things about my doggy and what annoys her. So instead of giving your pooch mixed messages or doing things that she hates, learn to decipher her moods and learn what she's trying to tell you.

Yes — you can become the doggy Sherlock and solve the mysteries as to what your doggy hates! It's all revealed after the break when we dive into some of the things you're doing that are driving your fur baby CRAZY. It's time to put a stop to that NOW!

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