(VIDEO) This Frenchie Loves to Entertain a Baby. When You See What He Does? OMG, This is PERFECT.

baby and frenchie

Every once in a while, you get a dog who loves to entertain. Okay, who's kidding, most dogs like to entertain. LOL!

But seriously, when a dog loves to entertain, they thoroughly enjoy making the subject of their entertainment laugh… and then laugh some more. They'll do whatever they can think of to get a laugh out of their human. Whether it means standing on their hind legs to get a treat or pawing at a blanket on the bed even though there isn't a toy underneath it. Doggies do hilarious things to get our attention.

It's the same way with this adorable Frenchie on the next page. He's friends with a baby and he wants to show this little one everything he's got by showing off. Oh, just wait until you see what he does to show off to this funny baby who is dying of laughter!

No, it's not that he likes to lick the baby or even find him a toy to play with. This Frenchie is much too clever with his entertainment techniques — head over to the next page to watch this lively video! 

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