20-Year-Old Dog Was Abandoned at the Shelter for Being too Old

old but happy doggy

The Carson Animal Shelter in California had the dubious task of taking in twenty-year-old Sonoma, a cocker spaniel who lived with the same family his entire life. The reason was because the poor pup was old. That may sound horrible and we more than sympathize with poor Sonoma be we also understand when a family, despite their desire to do so, can no longer care for their pet.

The owners said when they would come home they would often times find Sonoma, who is nearly blind and deaf, swimming in their pool because he was confused and unable to see where he was going.

His owner just could not take it anymore, knowing Sonoma needed to be someplace that could take better care of the spaniel than themselves, and dropped the pup off.

Such a sad end for an enduring dog who cannot fathom why he was abandoned by those he loved. Yet, there may be a happy ending for old Sonoma, Go to the next age to read more on this wonderful old trooper!

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