7 Dog Breeds That Are More Likely to be Stolen – This is Shocking!

sad pug

We may not like thinking about it, but unfortunately, pets are very often at risk of being stolen. To think that your furry best friend could be purposely removed from your home is a saddening thought but it has happened to others many times.

You'd be surprised to learn what dog breeds are more likely to get stolen! You'll soon learn what these breeds are and what you can do if your pooch happens to get taken. Moreover, if a loved one loses their pet by theft, you'll know exactly what you can do to help them out and hopefully get their pooch back home!

Although theft may be common, there are still more people that are willing to do what it takes to get a doggy back to their homes!

Find out which dog breeds are more likely to be stolen and what you can do about it on the next page!

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