9 Tips for Sleeping Well While Still Having Your Dog Sleep With You

pug in bed

Many of us with pets don't mind letting them sleep with us in bed. It can be comforting to have your furry best friend there with you throughout the night to cuddle with and keep you warm. However, it's not always fun and cute.

I'm sure there were times when Fido hogged one side of the bed, or he woke you up with his kicking. The struggle is real, but you love your pooch too much to kick him out of bed!

Lucky for you, there are solutions to this problem! We've found nine tips for you to get a good night's sleep while having your doggy in bed. There's no need to take drastic measures! Pretty soon, you and Fido will be in dream land!

Learn all about these awesome sleeping tips if you share your bed with your pooch on the next page!

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