(Video) This Puppy Playtime Sesh is Adorable on so Many Levels. It Can’t be Missed!


Okay, puppies. We get it. They’re little, often soft, kinda cuddly and look sweet when they sleep. But other than that, what is the big deal?


Watching a puppy play with the kids is wonderful. It teaches both the puppy and child human-dog relations, how far they can go with each other before both are just plain tuckered out and need a nap.

But then you have the puppy play session where you gather lots of fur babies together to just frolic and entertain each other.

Then, just sit back and watch. Nothing cuter!

Don’t think so? Go over to the next page and watch Misa Minnie, Brody Brixton, Noah, and Toula on a playdate that is sure to bring a smile and chuckle to even the most jaded of dog spectators.

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