ATTENTION: Important 4th of July Tips You Should NEVER Ignore

4th of July dog on pillow

With the upcoming warm weather holiday approaching, there are thoughts of cook-outs, communing with family and friends and maybe, later in the evening, a great fireworks show!

These are all wonderful things, but we have to keep something in mind. What may be fun for a human being is not necessarily good for your dog!

While we’d love to bring along our furry friend, including him or her in the festivities, perhaps sneak him a bit of our cook-out meal; a bit of hamburger or hot dog… And yes – in our imagination – what a joy to be sitting on a lawn somewhere with all the kids, including Rover, watching all those lovely colorful fireworks in the sky…

But the reality is too much grilled food can make your Doggy sick and – well – if you have never experienced the night of the 4rth of July with your precious pet, all the flashes and loud noises; it is NOT a good experience.

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