(VIDEO) Clock Strikes Midnight and This Princess Pug Climbs the Stairs Like She’s Wearing Glass Slippers!

Pug princess at the bottom of the stairs

Almost everyone has seen Cinderella, and if you've seen the classic Disney version you're in for a surprise — you're about to see it unfold as a doggie version! This Princess Pug has an agenda, and the clock has just struck midnight — you better not stand in her way!

Okay, so this Pug may not be Cinderella, but she definitely acts like it. Not only can you tell this Pug is a little princess, but when that clock hits midnight she has to run up the stairs and in a hurry too! After all, that Pug Prince is hot on her trail, and she must escape him at once! LOL!

On the next page, this is one adorable video you can't miss. This Pug Princess in action is just too cute. As she climbs the stairs, you get to witness a Pug walk like a princess, and that is something you don't see every day!

You'll have a hard time not smiling as you watch this little princess run and even though she's in a hurry, she's very graceful. This Cinder-pug has her moves down! Now all she needs are some doggy slippers, and she'll like the real Cinderella!

After the break, watch a princess Cinder-pug climb the stairs in her glass slippers on this adorable video!

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