Baby Elephant Abandoned by His Herd and is Very Sad Until He Meets the Most Unlikely Friend


Ellie certainly deserves all the happiness in life and his new best friend is helping him get it! You'll love watching Ellie create a bond with another animal who is looking for some friendship and fun, too.

There's no shame if you teared up during this video! It makes you want to instantly head to Africa to help any of the other orphaned elephants! Despite his rough start to life, you can tell Ellie has so much love for his caretakers and for Duma! He traded his special milk for some kisses at 1:14. How adorable! And when you see him covered with his own patterned blankets at 2:28, you want to melt to the floor! Ellie can't get any cuter! It was uplifting to hear that when Ellie met Duma, it gave him an interest in life again. These two will be BFFs for the rest of their lives. Duma even tries to share his toy with Ellie! Their relationship is a reminder of how important our loved ones are to us and that we can't take a moment for granted with them!

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