Check Out This Easy Doggy Pill Pocket Recipe to Made the Medicine Go Down

pill pocket recipe pug

Your poor pup is not well, and you take him to the vet. The doc looks him over and tells you what the problem is. He then gives you a prescription and says, “Just give it to him three times a day and in a week he’ll be fine.”

Then comes the struggle!

You might have been shown how to get your dog to swallow said pill, but it’s never as easy as when the vet does it! You try hiding it in his dog food but notice how when the pan is empty the pill is laying on the bottom of the dish – mocking you!

There has to be a better way to get Fido to take his meds!

And there is! Over on the next page, we have a great simple recipe for a pup snack your dog will devour and luckily you can place his hidden pill inside it! Go over and take a look!

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