Does Fido Run for His Life When He Sees the Nail Clippers? If So, Check This Out:

trimming a pug's nails

It's time to trim your doggie's nails, however, when you bring out the nail trimmer he disappears on you.

You may think that your Puggie is being dramatic, but he begs to differ!

It doesn't really matter to a pooch — and especially Pugs — who is cutting their nails. Most dogs just don't care to get their nails trimmed. It's hard as a dog parent to find a technique that works.

Eventually, after trying your hardest, you have a groomer do it, even though you'd much rather do it yourself.

As much as you and your doggie would like this job to disappear, if his nails aren't trimmed regularly, there can be health repercussions. For example, if his nails keep growing longer and longer it can affect his posture. The result is he can also have a painful rear end.

Luckily with a lot of understanding, there are some tips you can try that will hopefully point you in the right direction. Who knows — maybe you'll figure out a way to trim your Pug's nails!

After the break check out some helpful techniques that'll help you learn how to cut your dog's nails. 

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