(Video) This Dog is Given Full Reign of the Dog Park. His Response to Being Off Leash? Priceless!

dog park

Giving a pooch complete freedom can be a very overwhelming feeling. For a dog that's used to rules and most annoyingly, leashes, getting ultimate freedom is like getting a bag full of chew toys! LOL!

It truly is utter bliss for them. In this hilarious video, you'll meet one cute doggy that gets the ultimate gift of freedom at the dog park. No leash for this pooch! LOL!

Watch his adorable reaction as he gets to roam the park without any restraints! He is one excited pooch. When you see his happy dance, you'll be laughing for days! You should watch this right now!

Watch and see how happy this pup is when he gets to roam freely at the dog park for the first time on the video on the next page.

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