Dog Without Eyes Brings Happiness to Those With Disabilities and Illnesses – So Touching!

smiley smiling

Dogs can be such a blessing to those that are hurting with illnesses or suffering from disabilities. They provide a comfort for others and help ease their pain.

This dog, in particular, provides the best care and happiness to others with his gentle nature. And he does this without being able to see!

Smiley, the therapy dog, brings joy and unconditional love to people with disabilities. Those that he comforts feel a connection to Smiley because he too has a disability. He was born without eyes, but that doesn't stop him from letting others see his love.

Smiley reminds everyone that despite a disability, any hardship can be used for the good. That's exactly what Smiley is doing by instilling joy in everyone around him. This story is one that will bring tears to your eyes!

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Via Happy Tails Pet Photography

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