How to Make Sure Your Backyard is Safe for Your Pooch

dog in the backyard

Dogs love playing outside and they also enjoy running around and enjoying the fresh air. Unfortunately many owners choose to have their garden in their backyard as well, which can create a bit of a predicament.

You don't want your pooch running over and ruining your flowers but at the same time you want him to get some much-needed exercise! Not to mention you don't want your pup to eat something that could be dangerous for him. Just what is a pet parent supposed to do?

You need to come up with a plan of action, that's what. When you go to your backyard introduce your pup to one area to eliminate. Train him to only go in that area so that he'll stay away from your plants. Another idea is to keep him distracted with his favorite toys. This will hopefully keep him out of your garden and focused on playing.

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Via Taro the Shiba Inu / Flickr

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