Get Ready to Laugh Hysterically Over Doug The Pug’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’ Parody!

Doug the Pug Christmas Parody

Forget wanting your loved one to come home for Christmas, all Doug the pug wants for Christmas is food! Considering how much delicious food is around during the holidays, I don't blame him. From cookies, chips, to everything else, Doug the Pug has his eyes on receiving some delicious snacks!

Made with the holidays in mind, Doug the Pug's music video parody will have you smiling from ear to ear. Instead of Mariah Carey's hit song All I Want For Christmas putting emphasis on Doug wanting a doggy sweetheart for Christmas, this pug has only one thing on his mind: food!

When he goes shopping with his parents, all he wants is yummy snacks, chicken, turkey, and more. He is even seen sitting on the candy aisle! He also dreams about his doggy stocking being filled to the brim! Will his doggy dreams come true?! I certainly hope so, as long as he isn't fed any sugar as this ingredient is not suitable for pooches! P.S. his parents know that, but we just thought we'd input that helpful doggy reminder. 😉

LOL, watch Doug the Pug get excited for Christmas — I mean food — after the break.

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