How to Tell if Your Pooch has Fleas Versus a Food Allergy

dog itching

When a pooch itches it can mean a lot of things. It can mean he's suffering from allergies, has fleas, has a tick, or a food allergy. How's one to tell when itching can mean so many different things? It's all about

It's all about the process of elimination. First check your pooch's body thoroughly. If you don't seem to spot fleas or ticks at first, it doesn't mean they're not hiding there, so be sure to double check.

If you're certain no evil bugs are taking residence on your furry friend, watch to see if your pup keeps on itching. A little bit of itching is normal, but chronic itching is a different matter.

If your pooch is itching all of the time it's time to find out if he's suffering from a food allergy.

Read up on how to tell what your pup's itching means after the break.

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