(Video) Know How to Make Doxie Pillow Sandwich? This Video Shows Us How and it’s SO Cute!

doxie sandwhich

If you've never heard of a doggy pillow sandwich, then today is your lucky day! LOL! You'll get a complete tutorial on how to choose the right ingredients to make it happen.

You'll be completely impressed to see how this Doxie pillow sandwich is made.

It only takes three easy steps, and you can do it too! LOL! You just need a willing and able doggy participant by your side. Ha ha!

You're going to enjoy how this Doxie enjoys her pillow sandwich in the cutest way possible. Words cannot describe the adorable levels of this pup! Don't miss this Doxie cuteness overload.

Watch and learn how a Doxie pillow sandwich is made with this easy video tutorial on the next page! I still can't stop laughing because this is so adorable!

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