Ignoring This Vital Factor Could Make a Dog a Target for Cancer

dog near food

Our dogs are like our children. We want to give them the best bed, the best home, and the best food. We spoil them with extra treats and make sure they have plenty of toys in their toy bin. We even do extra research to make sure that any food scraps we feed them from the table are okay for their bodies.

It turns out our dogs' favorite and crucial time of day, meal time could be secretly harming them. When we purchase dog food, we trust the companies to produce healthy and nutritional kibble. We're not the dog food experts, they are. We also trust that the rules and regulations of the dog food industry are thoroughly enforced.

However, that trust could be our dogs' downfalls. We think we're buying the best, most natural, “Made in the USA” dog food. Instead, we could be contributing to the demise of our dog's health.

Keep reading on the next page to learn what to watch out for when deciding which dog food to purchase for your furbaby! It might be time to feed him something new!

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