(Video) This Pug Loves His Opera. When You Hear the Sounds He Makes? Impressive!

Pug singing opera

Isn't it amazing how dogs use their ears and nose to “see” for them? Even though their eyesight is pretty good, dogs also have the gift of hearing and smelling things that we as humans aren't nearly as gifted with.

A dog's ears are so sensitive that often if a siren goes by it may hurt their ears, which is why you may have read before that it's not good to turn the music up that high in your car. It can actually hurt your pooch's ears!

Dogs are also in tune to music, such as this Pug. When Mugsy the Pug hears the opera that his Mom turns on, he loves it! From the look on his face and how he moves his head, it's clear he's listening very intently. And then — he must sing along!

Watch how Mugsy the Pug sings along with Bocelli in the video after the break. You'll be impressed with this Pug's vocal chords and melodious sounds!

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